An employee that is off work due to a road accident can be a significant problem for a business organization, which may incur financial losses as a result.

Linet can help Employers with compensation claims vis-à-vis the Insurance Company in order to recuperate any losses incurred: a service without costs up front to recover unexpected resources.

Are you up-to-date with your taxes?

LINET can help you answer this question by:
• Checking your tax calculations (tax and contributions) over the last five years
• Checking the accuracy of your existing payment notices
• Analyzing any pending tax proceedings
• Providing tax and social security advice
If there are any issues, LINET can analyze your tax situation and advise you on the best strategies: installed payments, tax appeals or other means of reducing the debt.

An effective way to ensure peace of mind with regard to your tax position.

In order to turn non-performing debts into an opportunity, Linet’s innovative approach can help you to:
• Assess the rating of your clients
• Make your offer exclusive in order to increase the guarantee of payment
• Manage the non-performing debts with transparent costs and guaranteed results
• Clear out the provision for bad debts and restore availability of cash and cash equivalents
• Improve your bank rating
A fixed fee and guaranteed results in the management of your unpaid receivables, with a hitherto unexpected improvement in tax recovery. A highly professional service provided by Linet’s network of legal professionals.

Do you know the percentage of non-performing debts that your business accumulated last year?

LINET, in collaboration with accredited training organizations, offers a wide range of training courses, where everyone has the opportunity to access funded training.

With the growing use of digital procedures and development of company IT systems, your company data represent a valuable and continuously growing asset.

LINET can perform statistical analyses of your company databases, from the creation of performance indicators to client profiling.

A useful tool for entrepreneurs who want to have a better understanding of and improve their business.

Where are the data of your employees and clients? Are they secure?

LINET can perform a check-up on your data processing systems and processes and offer tailored solutions for your business.

Analysis, consultancy and training: LINET has the solution.

Organizing your business to prevent corporate liability deriving from criminal activity, as required by law, has significant benefits, including:

• improving your rating and corporate image
• opening up new markets
• protecting the value of your business and assets

LINET can provide teams of consultants to draft the Organizational Model stipulated by Legislative Decree 231/2001

A new approach to contracts.
Where the traditional ‘waterfall’ contract is not effective or suitable, such as in the fields of software development and innovative start-ups in which the initial scenario incomplete or in a state of rapid transformation, the agile contract allows for a vision of the business shared by both the client and supplier, who together define their relationship, adjusting over time the individual components of the agreement.

Unmotivated employees, meetings that are difficult to manage, interpersonal problems: effective teamworking is not easy but it can be achieved.

With LINET you can obtain impressive results through:
• training on shared leadership
• establishing strategies to implement collaborative decision-making processes
• (actual) teamworking
• (finally) effective meetings
• negotiation

Effective teamworking is key to the success of your company.